LCCI Services: Preconstruction

The success of any project hinges on the best use of the time before construction begins. This includes thorough planning, careful scheduling, and coordination with the needs of the client followed by precise monitoring and adjustment of the project plan to ensure all schedules, costs, and quality expectations are met.

Preconstruction includes establishing project objectives, controlling costs, and project planning.

  • Establish Project Objectives: Reach consensus with the entire team on critical project objectives that establish benchmark goals for each phase of completion.
  • Cost Control: As a LCCI specialty, cost control and value engineering rely on achieving a consistent balance between performance and cost for every element of the completed project.
  • Project Planning: The most valuable phase of a project is the planning phase. As a member of the team, LCCI will actively participate in the design process, providing technical expertise and review, planning construction and monitoring progress.

Image: Chamblee First United Methodist Church Before Remodeling, Chamblee, GA